"The Who's Who of Livestock Champions"

This website is dedicated to all the individuals across our great country who work so hard to raise, breed, and show their quality livestock.  My wife, Debbie and I, have started our own ranch, raising Registered Boer Goats (FandHRanch.com).  We have quickly learned just how much time, hard work, dedication, and love for your animals is required for them to become Champions in the ring.  As we have traveled around showing our animals we've also realized just how many people are fascinated with everyone's animals and wish they could either improve their genetics, become more competitive in the ring, and most importantly hope to have their own "Champions" one day.  

One of the main questions asked at livestock shows is: who owns/has some "Champion" genetics/livestock in your area/state?  This is true regardless of what type of livestock show you are at or talking about.  So, we decided to start the Livestock Champions website and help showcase the different livestock Champions, their owners information, and upcoming shows/auctions.  

It is our hope this website will increase your existing advertisement or website visits.  It is also our desire to give others who may not have a website the opportunity to showcase their "Champions" and have their contact information posted on the Internet.  We truly believe this will allow you and others visiting this site the opportunity to broaden your contacts about purchasing, breeding, or showing your livestock "Champions" to others.

We will also be listing information for members on their upcoming shows, auctions, and sales.

We want to take this opportunity and thank all the ranchers, farmers, and breeders who have used our site to promote their business.  We wish you all the best in your business and hope to hear from you about how this site has improved your operations.

God bless you all and we look forward to being part of your adventure in breeding, raising, showing, and selling your "Champions" and their offspring!

  Mark and Debbie Anderson

This page was last updated: 7/16/2014